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Screaming Trees – 20 Years of Sweet Oblivion

        I moved from Ohio to Las Vegas, NV in the summer of 1992 to attend school at The University Of Nevada-Las Vegas. I could count the people I knew or was acquainted with on one hand, and I was very homesick. One day in early September, I decided to drive around after class and look for record stores, as I knew the new Screaming Trees record was coming out. I came across a store called “Benway Bop,” and I went in to check it out. On the counter, there was a flyer promoting the release of the Sweet Oblivion record, along with a free Trees t-shirt as a bonus with purchase of the record. I came back sometime around the release date (9/8/92) to pick up my goods. I raced home to blast my new acquisition.

  I was already very much into “Nearly Lost You” from the soundtrack to the movie Singles, which I had purchased a few months earlier. I popped the new disc in when I got home, and was immediately blown away from the first track “Shadow of the Season.” The sound to me was just so unlike any other band at the time, especially singer Mark Lanegan’s deep, moody vocals. The record has something for everyone, killer guitar riffs filled with distortion, powerful drumming, haunting ballads…it’s all there.

  To this day, this record reminds me of how music can be your best friend when you need it to be. I needed to hear it at that time in my life, which was filled with loneliness, confusion, fear, and many other emotions that are actually touched upon on the record. I encourage anyone who has never heard Sweet Oblivion to give it a shot, as it is one of my all time favorites.


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