Legal Drama for Fishbone

     As a teenager in the early 90’s, one of my absolute favorite records was Fishbone’s ‘The Reality Of My Surroundings.’ That record made me very happy, with its infectious mix of rock, funk, punk, ska, etc. In 1991, I was able to see them live for the first of a handful of times, and each time was a more fun and exciting experience than the last. The energy level was insane, and frontman Angelo Moore was wildly unpredictable, but in the most fun possible way.

Fast forward to present day, and I come to read about a legal ruling against Angelo and the band for an extremely large sum of money, awarded to a woman who was injured by Angelo stage diving into the crowd (a practice he has done MANY times before over many years). I truly mean this when I say I would never want to see someone getting hurt at a concert, or anywhere else for that matter. But having said that, I do not believe for a second that this woman did not know what she was getting into in an environment like that, with an intense live band like Fishbone performing. To be close enough to the stage to even have the potential to be in harm’s way, when you see all this craziness going on around you, is questionable.

I truly believe, having the good fortune to meet him in 1993, that Angelo is an extremely creative and kind person, who wants nothing more than to entertain people and make them smile. To hear about him going through this mess makes me sad. Again, I feel bad for the injured woman, but realistically, you should know your surroundings, and be aware of potential dangers at a show with that energy level. I hope all parties involved can get on with their lives, but I also hope that Angelo stays the creative and passionate person that he has always been.

Horns Up!